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Monday, July 30, 2007


Sometime around the late part of 2006 I started making a few soaps. Leslie had been talking about wanting to do some and the more I thought about it and checked into it, the cooler it sounded! I decided I wanted to try it out too. I've only produced some soaps a couple of times but bought plenty of supplies so I'll be making more. I gave some away and am using some but I don't go through them *that* fast so I didn't want to have a stockpile of soaps hanging around, lol. Once they're gone or I have another outlet for some, I'll work up another batch. I'm also going to tinker with a few other bath-related products, like fizzy bath bombs.

Anyway, I decided to blog this so I had a place to store my cool soap-related links, and pics. So, here' tis!