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Thursday, December 11, 2014

How to Save Money Using Cashback Apps & Rewards

The Chicken Chick

Ok, here are the apps and other shopping “secrets” I've been using and think are GREAT! 
But please, do me the favor of using me as your referral. It takes nothing away from you but gives me additional bonus. Share the wealth since I'm sharing with you! ;-) Please? I mean hey, if they're giving back money, let's make the most of it. Share your own links with your friends, too!

1) These are apps you can put on your smartphone.  Get cash back after your purchases.You select offers, and if you buy these items in-stores, you just scan the receipt in to your phone, and they give you money back!  EASY!

  • First is Walmart’s app; it’s called Savings Catcher. Download to phone to just scan your receipt, OR you can use it on the web.
  • Next is iBotta. It has been my second best yet!  https://ibotta.com/register?friend=hhsxpyu Phone app
    (It’s really the best, in my opinion. It has team-based additional bonuses, too.)
  • Checkout51 This one is good http://www.checkout51.com Phone app
    They have weekly Freebies - you get 100% of your money back for the special items!
  • Snap (by Gropon) another phone app https://snap.groupon.com/app?ref=90b704bf4ec6dbab
  • Shrink http://goo.gl/MufaEC  If you use my "referral code" it gives you a signup bonus! SWAIKM
  • Another is SavingStar https://savingstar.com/
  • And the last receipt app is Receipt Hog.  No matter where you shop for groceries or retail, you can scan your receipt in to it to earn points. Earn enough and get cash back :)
    http://app.receipthog.com/download  You get a “bonus spin” on your first receipt, if you enter my code at signup. Net98959

 2) Also – just for added bonus…….

Don’t do any shopping online without using a cashback service!

  • eBates is definitely the best http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=qQmegOBEQ0P8aEQjT7jhnQ%3D%3D&eeid=26471 It loads a browser plugin to remind you to activate cash-back offers. Then it tracks your shopping trip. For all qualified purchases, they give you money back!
  • MyPoints is another one. You can build a team, and you earn even more bonus points through your referrals' activity! Why just buy stuff online when you can earn free rewards (sorta like how your credit cards give you reward points for shopping w/ their sponsors!) https://www.mypoints.com/rf?refCode=PdzJ6TeHT_kkE--_k&arr=s4&afsrc=1&src=EXTERNAL_PUBLICATION
  • Active all your Regions Rewards before shopping (some offers have referral links, others work just by using your card)
  • The Discover Card has a similar program but you must activate the deals BEFORE you buy with the card
  • And always use Target’s Cartwheel app on your phone if you shop at Target.  Here too you must load the deals before you checkout. Just show them the barcode on the app for instant register discounts!
  • The uPromise service (by Sallie Mae) is like eBates. (Optional - you can load their RewardU browser plugin to track sites where they’ll give you money back for your purchases from online retailers.) You must activate the tracking link before you shop to get the money.  https://shop.upromise.com/e/index.php  This includes many retailers like Sears but also online stores like Amazon.  
    • uPromise also gives you cash back for buying things at their partner stores, when using a registered card. So for example you can register your Regions or other credit card with them, and if you buy gas at Exxon with that card, they give you money back! Includes restaurants like Wing Zone, Shipley’s, Hamburger Heaven..

*So for example, if I shopped at Sears online, I could get cash back from up to 4 places at once for a single purchase……. Shop Your Way, eBates, uPromise, and Discover!!!

Last thing.  When shopping at retail stores, always check for the coupon deals before shopping! Save money up front.

  • Before buying anything at Sears/Kmart, load ShopYourWay coupons off their website to your member account! You can rack up some great reward bucks! And some of the coupons stack.
    http://www.shopyourway.com/app/10041/l (not a referral link, should take you straight to Coupons)
  • Load any uPromise e-coupons to your store loyalty cards for participating stores before shopping.  You have to register your Publix, CVS, etc cards with them first.
  • Coupon Cabin and Retail Me Not are two reliable websites to find codes for other stores
  • Find N Save is another good app to use for this purpose!  http://www.findnsave.com/apps/  If you use the app, they don’t just show you the sales ads; they also have money-back deals where you scan the coupon and get cash back from them directly!!! So this is both a source to find coupon codes, but also to get cash-back after purchases.

If you’re sick of carrying around store loyalty cards for all these different stores like drugstores, restaurants, etc – there’s an awesome app called mobile-pocket where you can enter your info for ALL the cards, and then you don't need the cards! Just pull up the app at the register, tap the card, and let the cashier scan your phone instead!


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