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Thursday, May 4, 2017

DIY Bra Extender

I had some old bras I just didn't want to throw away, when I changed sizes, or perhaps thought one was not so comfy or starting to wear out, and it got pushed to the side. This week I finally decided to DO something with them!

Part of the reason I had several in the wrong size is I used to WEAR the wrong size. Before I got fitted, and discovered what size I am SUPPOSED to be wearing, I bought one in larger inches around because it felt better. However the straps were always falling off my shoulders! How many of you have this problem!?  Well, the solution was to go DOWN a size. However it felt too tight and I can't tolerate that. So I simply bought a bra extender at the craft store.  Problem solved!

They're not terribly expensive or anything, but why buy them when you literally have them laying around the house for FREE, if you have any old bras you're going to throw out? All you need to do is cut and stitch.  Here's how!

First, cut the ends off.

I also cut the tags out of the way on mine.

Observe how the hooks go at one end, and the loops go at the other.

Now, lay them together like this

and stitch them together.

Before you trim off the ends, flip it over and do a zig-zag stitch to help flatten down the seam and make it more comfortable to wear.

Now trim.

You could trim it then zig zag the parts down but I found that it was far harder to sew when doing it that way because bra material is so stretchy.

Attach to bra!  Tada!  Now you can adjust your bra to fit more comfortably without having the straps fall off your shoulders.

If it's not perfect, such as one part is wider than the other, it's not going to matter. Just hand-wash these little DIY bra extenders and wear whenever you have a bra that's fitting just a bit too tight.

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