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Saturday, March 11, 2017
I haven't really used this blog since Facebook really took off, but I guess I should still try to remember to post stuff here. It sure is easier to keep up with. We have resurrected our Rockhound interests lately when we finally got word from a friend about how the local lapidary club works, where they get together, and all that. So we went to our first meeting last month, followed by our first quarry hunt with the group last month! We found a lot of neat things.  We went to our second meeting this month and found out about a member's sale, where we went today and purchased our first rock-cutting equipment. We also got a lot of pretty shiny things, and some that will be once we practice with them! I say we, but David will really be the one cutting. I need to get the tumblers back into production, order new grit, etc. I need to learn how to do some wire wrapping and such so that I can help do stuff with the rocks we get, after they become all shiny and pretty. :)

Some of the stuff we got at the quarry:

Pretty rocks, already smooth, looks polished when wet

Petrified wood

Indian paint pots