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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aloe Vera (Again)

Okay, so I know I already went on about the health benefits of Aloe Vera once.  But it has so much to offer!  I was thinking about it again.  I wondered.... if it's so awesome, and helps to rebuild collagen, then  how about applying it in a gel format to the face instead of using other lotions or creams?  The ultimate anti-aging, stay young-looking cream! 

Sure enough, they sell a host of creams, masks, and products.  Not only do the products contain aloe, they also contain collagen.  I find this to be useless, though - the skin can't absorb collagen applied directly to it.  It has to rebuild it on its own.  So the products probably DO work some, thanks to the aloe content, but they are overpriced and bulked down with stuff you really don't need.  Just use the natural plant gel!  Or buy some plan aloe vera gel.  THAT'S what's working the magic, after all.  Why pay for ingredients that are useless? (except for keratin.  That's not useless.)  Aloe accelerates the collagen production process.  So feed it to your skin like it's going out of style! :)

That's not something they can test on lab rats (hello, fur face).  So you won't find research so readily on tihs topic.  But put 2 and 2 together, here. Aloe Vera HAS been proven to aid in the rebuilding of collagen in wounded rats.

It's just all around great, too.  We know that Aloe is great to soothe damaged skin.  We've put it on burns and sunburns plenty of times... or at least, I know I have.  It decreases the healing time, and reduce scarring.

Did you know that Aloe is much more beneficial than just for damaged skin?
  • It can help keep your skin from becoming dry, scaly, and yucky .
  • It can eliminate liver spots.  Apply twice a day for a month or two.
  • Let's not forget the staggering list of benefits from my first post.
  • "Aloe is being found that it has an affect on the aging process of cells within the body.

Topically used or ingested, aloe vera has been to proven to have many positive affects on the human body."

You can buy this stuff even at Wal Mart!  Just look in the pharmacy section for the juice.

But I do plan to incorporate it into more than just inside now, too - it will be inside AND out for me, thankyouverymuch.....

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