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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I feel like an iPhone Advertisement

I swear, I felt like I was living in an iPhone commercial yesterday.

I really love the thing, and I really do use it all day long... from checking into social sites or playing a game over lunch or breaks, to keeping in touch via texts and emails, but sometimes I forget it's a phone. Okay, so to me, it's much more of a device than a phone. I hardly ever even use it for a phone!

Some days, like yesterday, really shine in reminding me how multi-functional of a device it really is.

- About to head home... make plans to coordinate with people via text messages and emails.
- Heading home... check the local gas prices... bring up GasBag. Wow, what? Gas is up to $2.15!? Better record that one.
- (Great time to plug into the iPod if I didn't have my Shuffle with me, for the drive.)
- Get home, proceed to empty lot out back to play with rockets. Wow, one of them has a sale sign on it. Has someone really bought it, or is that an advertising ploy? Check Zillow... hah, nothing there, it's just a ploy, alright.
- Shoot off a model rocket. Need to measure the distance of how far it went. Stretch out the string that was attached to it. Open GPSLite and walk the distance of the string - voila!
- Well, but how far is 0.06 miles? Need to convert that to yards. 9-Toolbox has that covered!
- Don't forget to take a picture with the camera! (Actually I didn't, I was too busy because it was my first rocket shoot hehehe, but I could have, and that's the point.)