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Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Plants & Flower Beds

I do not remember when I created some of them, but I wanted to catalog my flower beds and plants. My parents are my gardeners. They're retired so when I need help setting up a new bed or something, they're always available to help.


Rock Garden

White confederate rose

Row of Irises, rocked in to help barricade against the water runoff coming down the hill, to deter it into the ditch

The pink flowering bushes behind the deck

Confederate Rosebush - - My mom planted this. There is 1 white one in the back.

Side of the house:

Now this flower bed has day lilies in it

Around the Front of the House:

The round flower bed under the tree once had flowers but they didn't do too well what with the shade and me never remembering to water, so now it's ferns and irises and such.
Built Aug 2002

The round bed on the left side of the house. Removed. It was in a bad spot

The pond. Plants in it, and flower bed around it.
Started in 2006?

Roses. Added to the pink one that was there when I moved in: added yellow, purple, and red. Purple died, but planted Rosemary bush in its spot. Hopefully that big banana tree thing won't grow back in that spot.



Barberry bush

Front Yard:

Dogwood. Died after the really dry year we had. Was that the summer of 2007 that did it in?

Herb garden.

Placed an archway over the walkway.

Planted trellis roses on either side of walkway.
My mom has planted some other stuff beside the roses.

Japanese Maple

Angel Trumpets - My mom planted these.

Crepe Myrtles - My mom planted these.

Confederate Rosebushes - - My mom planted these. There are 2 pink ones in the front.

And one white one out back.

There is some other lavender-colored plant in a pot in the front. Guess I'll see if it comes back this year after the winter.
Yay, it did!