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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iPhone shortcuts

iPhone Shortcuts & Tips

App Tips:

While the phone is "asleep" you can double-tap the home button to bring up the the iPod quick-controls on top of the "locked" screen without having to go all the way into the app.

If you are NOT playing music currently, double-tap the home button from the home screen or within any app, and it will take you straight to the phone.

If you ARE playing music currently, double-tap the home button from the home screen or within any app, and it will pop up the iPod quick-controls.

To get the Scientific Calculator, turn the phone 90 degrees while running the Calculator app

Alarms triggered by your Calendar will remain silent when you are in vibrate mode, unlike Clock alarms.
Alarms in your Clock will still sound off if your phone is in Silent Mode! Silencing them with the sleep/wake or volume button will only “snooze” them. You must turn off the alarm event itself.

If you want to listen to just the audio portion of a video (movie, podcast, etc.), start it up then press the sleep/wake button to turn off the screen and stop the video from playing. Then press the home button once followed by a double-click of the home button. This will play only the audio of the video you were watching.

Phone Basics:

Reset. Holding down the sleep/wake button by itself for several seconds will allow you to shut down the iPhone cleanly.

Power off. Hold down both the Home button and the sleep/wake button (the one at the top) for about 10 seconds to hard power it off in the event that the phone locks up.

Press the sleep/wake button at the top to sleep or wake your phone. You can also press the home button to wake the screen. Send it to sleep instead of waiting for the auto-sleep to save on battery power.

Use the home button on front to close from apps and return to the home screen, or to return to the first tab of your home screen.

And, you probably already know this one, but to re-arrange app buttons on your phone, press down and hold until they begin to shake. Tap the X to remove or slide around to move. You can also slide them to other tabs/pages if you have more than one pagefull of apps.

Telephone Tips:

Silence Ringer. If you want to quickly stop your iPhone from audibly ringing, press the sleep/wake button, or the volume button.

Press the sleep/hold button at the top of your iPhone once and it will silence the ringer. Press that button twice and it will both silence the ringer and send the call to voicemail.

Text Tips:

While typing text anywhere, put your finger on it and hold down to pop up the magnifying glass so you can move in to edit within text more easily.

When you want to type a symbol or number, press and hold the 123 button. Without lifting your finger, slide to the symbol and release once you touch it. It’ll go back to letter mode without having to switch modes back.

The above also works with capitals.

At the end of a sentence, tap the space bar twice to automatically insert a period and start a new sentence.

Hold keys down for more options:
the .COM button at the bottom in Safari: hold it down to see other options (.org, .edu, .net, etc.). Or hold down letters for accent marks.

In the TO field of an email, hold down the period to see a pop-up menu to select add .com, .org, .net, .edu, etc.

For times when the iPhone doesn't provide contractions for commonly used words like were, to save you from having to add the apostrophe manually:
type the last letter an extra time, and the it will suggest the contraction for you. Type welll and the iPhone will suggest we'll. Type weree and the iPhone will suggest we're.

Camera/Image tips:

If you press the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously, a screenshot will be saved to your Photos.

In Safari or Mail, hold your finger down on an image for a few seconds to get the option to save it to your Camera Roll.

Instead of using the Darkroom app, you can manually wait and release the camera button when you're ready. Press but do not release the button at the bottom of the touch screen. Then you can hold the shot until you feel steady. When ready, release the button to capture the shot.

Web navigation tips:

In Safari and many other applications, return to the top of the screen by tapping on the status bar at the top.

If you are looking at a webpage in Safari that has a frame and you are only seeing the top of the frame, use two fingers to scroll instead of one. That will scroll just the frame, not the whole page.

You will probably already know these if you've used the web on your iPhone or seen someone else's, but:

Of course, first of all you can slide your finger up and down the page to scroll up and down. A "flick" of the finger will send it scrolling.

To make a webpage zoom in/bigger or out/smaller, slide 2 fingers out/apart or in/together (respectively) on the page.

You can turn the phone 90 degrees while viewing a webpage or some apps, including photos.

You can shake some apps (physically shake the phone) to update/refresh them, like Facebook.