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Saturday, July 26, 2008



1. Add grit/water. Must be a creamy consistency. Too much water will rinse the slurry right back off the rocks which is no good.
If rocks are wet, be especially careful about adding too much water (if any; might wanna just add wet rocks and stir).

2. Add rocks. Fill barrel (at least half full?). Use filler if it's not.

3. Put on the lid, turn it on, and wait for a few minutes or so to be sure the slurry begins to coat the rocks.

4. Turn the machine off and check the slurry every 12 hours. It breaks down and will need to be replaced when that happens.
Also it's wise to check the barrel 2-3 times a day because buildup (of rock dust and grit) combined with evaporation will cause action to slow. Add a small amount of water restore action. This is critical because if the action stops significantly, the barrel could be damaged.

How long to do ROUGH GRINDING depends on the hardness of your rocks. This may take 2-7 days.

When desired results are attained, rinse rocks and barrel thoroughly. DO NOT wash grit into sink or drain pipe. Make sure all fine traces of grit are rinsed from both rocks and barrel.

Follow above steps for each of the next two phases: PREPOLISH and POLISH.

Tumble rocks for a few hours with ivory soap flakes to clean polish off, if needed.