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Saturday, June 28, 2008

My new rocking equipment!

Yay, it came today: my vibrating rock tumbler! I can really do some stuff now. Earlier this week I went by the store and bought a few things to start off my collection:

1) a magnifier. Instead of a 10x lens that I read would be handy, I got this kid's portable/detatchable microscope for really cheap. And you can totally see the surface elements with it!
2) I got one of those cheap kid's toy style rock tumblers. Hey, don't laugh! I intend to use it for rounding off SOME stuff. I just don't want everything rounded. This is why I got a vibrating type instead of a rolling one for my "main."

3) and here she is!!! Ain't she a 'beaut. hehehe Just arrived today.

And some gritty stuffs

Yeah, I already have a load in. I'll of course be posting about what I dig out of there later. ;) And, hopefully we will find some more spiffy rocks to shake up this weekend!
Edited 7/5/2009 to add:
Here is another handy addition to any rock equipment collection: a strainer to clean the rocks off after a tumble.