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Sunday, January 13, 2013

More soaps

Has it been that long since I made soaps? Surely not... I imagine I forgot to post about my last expedition. Anyway, I decided to make up a few bars for Christmas gifts this year. Here's what I did:

Two types.

First - in a round mold with a snowflake on top, I made a pecan pie scented soap, with a bit of bronze mica powdered coloring, and it contains coconut milk and kaolin clay.

Second - in a poinsettia shaped mold, I made some soaps with red soap dye, collodial oatmeal, powdered chamomile, and peppermint with vanilla scent.

Of course doing this set me off onto quite a few thought tangents, as is typical for me. For one, I came up with a list of some additive combinations with a purpose that would go well together.  Some of these were not necessarily great for soap so this could expand over into balms or lotions.

The second is a class. I wrote up my notes and am in the process of building these steps into what could be a soapmaking class. It is still an ongoing work in progress.  Eventually there will be a shorter class set of notes along with a longer supplement available for additional information, because this sheet is pretty long right now and I'm not even done with it!  I still need to go find some actual medieval recipes to tie in with the information on the history and making of soap.