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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Making A Dr. Who Scarf

It's official - I'm going to knit again! Finally, there's a project I want to do which utilizes the one stitch that I'll do in knit.  Of course, I couldn't just use somebody's pattern. I had to research this scarf for myself because there seemed to be so much discrepancy between all the patterns.  Of course, this creates an even bigger dilemma, because photos online are not just of original, but of other people's creations of all these different renditions. Doh.....

So now I've decided on several different scarves that I found from photos.  I went digging for the yarn from my stash so I could see which one I could make mostly or completely from my yarn stash, since I have so much of it.

1. Looking up close, it appears this one has a deep red stripe, and a greenish-grey one. Also chocolate brown, beige, and orangy-red. The red almost looks dark brown, but the other images which are the same scarf do give it away actually as a red hue.

The Scarf:

My Yarn:

I need to get a different grey.... but otherwise, I have everything else!
Looking at the history of the scarf, I believe this would be the Season 18 version.
Yay, David would like one!  This one will be his.

2. Notice the white in this one; you don't see that elsewhere. Also a yellow, but much paler this time. Then there's  green, chocolate brown, and light brown.  And a pumpkin colored stripe.

The Scarf:
My Yarn:

Upon a close look you can see various shades of the browns so I'd need to dig out a few more skeins. And I'd have to get more of the soft yellow.

I'd guess this might be Season 15 version, since I didn't seem to see it in many photos, but did see it in this publicity shot.

3. Notice the varying shades of blues in this one. No yellow, but does have cream. Green, rust, dark green, brown, and a very 70's-ish shade of, well, something.

The Scarf:
My Yarn:

For this scarf, and ONLY this scarf, would I give up the last of the ancient and truly RUST colored yarn I have in my stash! You just can't find this stuff anymore. (Or that 70's shade, which I somehow have an abundance of, heh.)
This is the one I decided to make for His Excellency, Francois. He said he wanted one. I said, hey, I can do that! I like the blues in this one, AND I have all the yarn I should need.

4. And this one is unique, too, with the purple. Cream, grey, yellow, orangy-red, and that 70's color are here too.

The Scarf:
It took me a few minutes to figure out the above and below are the same scarf. He's just wearing it backwards in one of the shots, LOL.  But the below shot is an old scan or something, so the color isn't very good. But it's the same stripe patterning as the above, so that will make it a purple striped version.

My Yarn:

Again I'd have to get a skein of the right grey for this. And possibly more yellow.
Whatever version could this have been?  Who knows.  The scarf had many looks. I need to watch the Baker episodes for myself and find out the scarf timeline, heh.

I'm too tired to go on for now but I think this page will help me identify which is which a bit further, just for some extra scarf geekery.