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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tornado-y Day

Man. It was a rough weather day yesterday. Awoke to lightning, then came the thunder and a storm that was the beginning of what local weathermen call “a generational tornado outbreak in Alabama yesterday and last night.” There are entire TOWNS gone down here. It is awful. We are blessed: at worst, we lost power all day yesterday though it returned early last night as I was on the way home and didn’t go back out. Our neighborhood had many trees down from the morning storm, but after last night even more. Some with them through the rough, and I don’t know what all damage yet. We are so lucky. David was out and captured video footage of the overwhelmingly massive tornado that passed just miles from us (after he was safely on the back end of it of course). It’s on his Facebook… I need to copy it somewhere later. I had to leave work early to be sure I could make it home before it got worse and got there with about 10 minutes to spare. A tornado wrecked Cullman before I left and another tore up Tuscaloosa after that. Other storms threatened us with even more warnings after that so it was a terribly unsettling evening, even well after my area was out of the danger zone. The photos coming out are just gut wrenching. The death toll is on the rise now that daylight is here. Pleasant Grove is in terrible shape. Countless areas have damage; I hope to find some more info online here shortly.
“The tornado never lifted along the path he flew from Tuscaloosa to Fultondale. The track actually started in Mississippi and continued into Georgia.” So I know we are not the only ones here in central AL.