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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Are you ready for Snowpocalypse!?

Hey, all you Southern friends. Are you ready for Snowpocalypse(DV) 2011? these tips are probably good for any bad winter storm weather preparedness, really, so here goes.  Think about all the things you won't be able to do without power, or travel, and do them TODAY!

- Charge your technology devices! (Like how I did that one first?) If you're like me and don't have a home phone line, you'll be depending on that cell phone for calls, so don't waste your iPhone battery on games. :/
- Ladies: Hair Dryer, need I say more? yes?  ok well, cold weather, wet hair, unpleasant, really. And could make one sick, too. Just ugh.
- If your hot water heater runs off electricity, I pity you already. DO take a nice, long hot bath today - you'll be glad you did in a couple of days, if it gets as bad as it did in '92. And it's sounding like it just might for some. (Why risk it?)
- Go ahead, run that washer and dryer while you can!
- A dishwasher run probably wouldn't hurt, either.
- Have any prescriptions you'll need filled in the next couple of days? Looking like you probably won't be able to. Good luck with trying to get those today, but you should probably try.
- I guess it's needless to say BREAD AND MILK! Haha, sorry, couldn't resist. But yeah, get some groceries you can eat without needing power to prepare. Sandwich supplies, canned foods you can stand to eat cold, or prepare over a gas grill, etc.
- Get out cooler so you can stick your stuff out in the snow to keep cold once the freezer can't hold its own any longer.
- Candles or oil-burning lamps.

Obviously, most of us will be without our main source of power. GET FIREWOOD if you have a wood-burning device. We ordered ours on Friday and it's just about to get here, so yeah, good luck with that one, but.....

Also - make sure you have propane for your gas grill if you have one!

It's already setting in, just check out Steve's excellent links!