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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Updated iPhone App "Review"

This is a review, of sorts, or maybe more like just a log for my reference. So since I've had my iPhone for several months now, and have had a chance to get over going bonkers over apps, I have taken the time to streamline many things down, to reduce icons, at least somewhat.

Here is an RSS feed of the apps I use. Minus a few crappy ones on my phone which I don't actually use, but got when they were free and thought I might want at some point.... etc.

Here is a list of what's important to me these days:

I started synching my Outlook calendar with my iPhone calendar, and I like to push that out to Google calendars via my desktop with their sync service. Now everything can have the same, AND I can look at Leslie's calendar on Google, too.
So, I found an app called Pi Lite that lets me look at this month's Google calendar.

TweetDeck - I liked the Social Pulse in the Yahoo app, as it combines multiple social site update feeds into one, but then when you focus on one specialized app for each of the above three, naturally they are more robust. I quit using Twitterific because I now have need to group my Twitter friends into columns.
AIM - because some friends are using it in lieu of text messages
Last.FM has stolen the spot that Pandora once occupied. The neat scrobble stuff did it for me since I use an iPod, plus of course the iPhone's built-in iPod. It can even send updates from Windows-based Media Player synced players, so once I get my libraries back in shape this will be even more awesome.
The Weather Channel because I still hate the default weather app too much and I have decided upon my overall fav.

More handy things I keep around for when I need them:

AT&T to check useage, of course.
What's On? tv
Showtimes movies
Flixster upcoming
Yellow Pages
White Pages
MMS - though I've been informed (by AT&T) that AT&T hopes to have texting photos ready for use by its customers by August.
Mint.com The app isn't nearly as helpful as the full-blown website, but this is still helpful to see balances.
GC Lite - It's something I found to help me keep track of changing my car's oil, and other service work.
9-Toolbox because it combines multiple functions into 1 app. Yay, streamlining!
iSushi Sometimes a girl just needs sushi.
BigOven - I've really started using this one the most. I even have a profile!
SalePrice Totally helpful when shopping
eBay can't browse it at work otherwise
CraigsPhone. Easier to use than the website, go figure.
TrackerLite when I have been on online buying sprees, so I don't forget about any packages.


Here are some things that really aren't important, but I have & like them anyway:

On My Phone. If I could take the time to send the files I need loaded in over to the developer.
Fresh Tracks

Games & Things: Sometimes you just gotta pass time waiting somewhere, so you need tools for this. "There's an app for that."

Cookie Bonus Solitaire. Every play is more riveting when it's online, scored, and saved to your profile. And there are handy built-in cheats!
Frozen Lexicon. Greatest game of this type I have found (word based puzzle game in the style of Text Twist). Plus, uses same profile as above. They have others too but I don't care for poker, spades, or blackjack (yet, lol). I always prefer a game that tracks my score; somehow, it's more fulfilling.
Airport Mania
Sky Burger
Lemonade Stand
Tap-Tap Revenge 2
Word Popper
Fruit Farm

Have but forget to play:
iPet Pets
I never remember to feed that stupid thing but I still try to once in a while
iMob, iKnights, iVamp, Girl Wars, and now JetFighters because I play my MafiaWars in Facebook now. (I gave up on most of the rest of such games on Myspace, and on Facebook now too, still love my MafiaWars though.)
Moonlight lite taipai
Boom lite
Pac-Man lite
Dizzy Bee Free
Spazzle, whack-a-mole game, why the heck did they rename it, it used to be Whack 'em all

Non-game fun:
I Can Has Cheezburger

3,000 Facts

I'm done with:

Fish Tycoon it's still fun, I've just had enough.
Virtual Villagers 2 only because it kept crapping out my phone :( (crashes because of memory issue)
Loot Wars it just got boring
CardShark since I have Cookie Bonus now! unless I might want to play other varieties of Solitaire, which this one has. So, I keep it.
Bargain Bin. It used to be just that. Now it's the crap bin. I guess too many people discovered they could make their apps show up there if they put a price on it, then "lowered the price" back to free.