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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nice new load of shinies

We went to our usual creek to look for fossil rocks, but didn't come across any big ones. But, we did find a nice treasure! Some folks were out there highbanking and so neatly piling up -- guess what -- GARNETS they weren't keeping, that were just cluttering the bottom of their work! Guy was scooping them up by the shovelful, which I was grateful to scoop up off the ground into my bucket, haha.

In fact this is the most garnets I have ever brought home in one trip! It just might be more than all the ones so far combined...... LOL. Naturally there weren't any HUGE ones, because they had been catching the biggest rocks in the highbanker. But they are plenty big for me.

I have washed and sorted them out pretty well. Now just to pick out all the other trash rocks. I'll need to look through them carefully to decide which to tumble, and which to leave alone. I have learned that you do NOT want to tumble the gem-quality ones.