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Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Phone Shopping

So, I could get the iPhone. Or, I could get the HTC Fuze. These are really the only 2 options through AT&T that I find myself interested in.

~I don't want a that has keys on the front like a Blackberry.
~ Why would I want to buy the LG Incite instead of an iPhone?
~I must have a camera.
~I am giving up the desire for a flip phone in order to get a cooler, more modern and functional phone.
~I am really tired of texting on a numerical keypad. So the keyboard is my first item of interest.
~If I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna go ahead and get a SmartPhone, even though this of course means my monthly bill will be higher, since I'll have to buy a data plan. My budget can handle the difference.


- apps are cool.
- It's cheaper. (or is it? Oops, that was a new customer and/or refurb discount.)

- doesn't have the keyboard. (Is this really a con? After trying one out, I like the iPhone on-screen touch screen keyboard!)
- I'd have to wait 3 1/2 months to upgrade! Well, that's to get a possible discount. I really don't even know if I would. Guess I need to check current phone price with no "discount" in a local store sometime soon.

HTC Fuze

- It has a full keyboard.
- I could get it NOW!
- For the things I'd probably want to app, I can just do directly through the full HTML internet browser anyway.

- It costs more! $450 right now after their measley $50 rebate.

I could just ditch all this and get a Pantech Duo. It has dual sliding keypads for the numbers, and the letters. Pretty cool. Suites my phone shape & feature needs sufficiently. BUT it is not any cheaper! And I fear the text pad is too fragile. So I'd only buy this if I got a killer deal on it but they want $350 after the "promotion discount." .... again, why not just buy an iPhone? Oh yeah. I can't yet. I guess they don't want my money very bad. *ponders the wait*