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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I survived Dragon*Con 2008!

Well, we left for DragonCon Friday morning and we came home yesterday after checkout time at the hotel. 4 of us went this year, and it was our 2nd year for 2 of us - me & David went last year. And I have photos! We actually dressed up this year so we have many more pics with us in them, hehe. Plus having more people with you makes that a lot easier to accomplish too.

Here are my pics from this year, 2008!
here are a few from last year, too: 2007
Most of my pics (for both years) are on my Myspace, though.

Friday after we got there, checked into the hotel, and went to get our badge registrations, and ate a bite at a pub around the corner, we got into our Pirate gear and went to frolic. I don't even remember dinner that night. Hmm... oh yeah, but we found out where all the rum had gone! Dinner was Chinese food at what really was a nice restaurant, but I wasn't feeling so good by then, lol... so I could barely eat. The soup was lovely though. :P

But we ate a huge, delicious breakfast on Sat. morning at a diner around the corner! After we waddled back up the hill to get dressed, Sarah pirated, and Ruth was a gothic Lolita. I put on my Blood Elf attire, and David donned his warlord/renaissance gear (minus the heavy armor or the full-length leather jerkin). AND we dressed up Dino! Dino is (aka the Dinosaur) a Savannah monitor. Complete with his red body paint and costume we hand-made for him, he sure was a hit! Every DragonCon needs a baby dragon, right? He got out and made his appearance (even made it onto the video!) until he'd had enough, so we took him back to the room. After some Hooters wings, some outfits were changed; David put on his Hitman gear. And then we walked around some more at the 'Con. We started the day pretty early so we didn't get too crazy that night, lol.

Next day we decided not to start off too early so we could be out & about later on when more people were out. After we went for a swim, I dressed up as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. David became Agent 47 again. Ruth had to leave in the PM. And by the time the rest of our day was done, we found the bloody rum again. I really did drink too much that night, so I totally was hung over Monday morning. Thankfully we were all ready to be done though, so once we could pry ourselves out of the hotel room, we drove home. I was back to good about halfway through the trip. (Whew! I will never drink again! Hah! I said that last time...)

Got all the pics uploaded and arranged between yesterday and today. Decided to go ahead and take a day off today to recover, unpack, and get ready for what's left of the week now, lol. Good times, good times.