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Friday, May 21, 2004

The Punk-o-matic!

I'm so glad I found this old post in my old journal to move into my blog here. Hehe, I love this thing.

Go here,

after you click on it, (skip the intro) the first thing I do is go to options, change to F for flash quality, and turn those other stupid 3 things OFF.

Go to Load, and the box to paste the code is at the bottom.

Paste in this code:

Hear the nifty song I made!

This is the first one I did and I don't have time to do more, it's time to go to dinner, but I'll make more later. Cuz it's fun!

Okay here's another:


I've never really been a fan of punk, although there are a few songs... like some of Bad Religion's stuff... that I do really like. Being the general avid music fan that I am, I find appreciation in *almost* all kinds, though. ;)

We wish they'd add more effects (drum beats and guitar riffs), and also do this with other types of music. Heck, I'd give 'em a few bucks for it, it's fun. :X